Thursday, September 04, 2008

How cool is my phone?

It may be a bit dated by now, but I'll still insist my Nokia N95 kicks ass! I got it in April and it's nearly half a year old now.. but to all those who thought they'd heard the end of my bragging, I have one syllable- "HA!".

I've taken up running. Those familiar with my ways will know that this means I've entwined 5 minutes of running with 20 minutes of walking. They will know that I have done this exactly twice and consider that justification enough to declare that... I've taken up running.

But that's irrelevant. The N95 has an application called the Nokia Sports Tracker. I've tried it in the past and thought it was awesome, but not for me... given that my trainers haven't ever seen more than a briskish walk, downhill. So I took it on my "run" today and am totally in awe of it all over again. Using the N95's GPS system, Sports Tracker can:
  • tell me how much distance I covered, in how much time
  • record my pace (avg, fastest, slowest) through the workout
  • plot a graph of pace to distance / time
  • point out altitude high and low points
  • MAP out the route I took (even automatically recognise a repeated route if I were doing laps)
  • record the number of steps taken through a built in pedometer (though I couldn't get this working on the current run)

Best of all, at the end of the workout I can push a button (or 4) and flick it over to a friend as an MMS.. or have it upload the workout to my Sports Tracker profile!!! And share it:

In conclusion, dear reader... I know this piece is about Sports Tracker and all... but being impressed the 4.1 kms covered wouldn't be completely inappropriate.


ms cute pants said...

So what you're saying is that you're apt to work out (run) more now that your phone can track it for you? I'd say that's bloody good!

Dylan said...

oh i wouldn't go that far. :)