Thursday, October 26, 2006

Get a grip on yourself, Dylan..

I thought I'd post about this before the high I'm on wears away. No, it's not that I've had 7 drinks (random German beer, Long Island Iced Tea, JD, JD double, JD, JD - in case you were wondering) in one night - that was Tuesday at the Flying Saucer, where we successfully defended our Trivia title. The thing is... I just watched the first cricket in 9 months; no matter that I had to wake up at 4 AM and take a half day off!!! Oh, Elation! The fact that we lost is trivial. It only makes Sunday's match against the Aussies more lip-smacking than ever. And, like the Crafty Leftie said "well lost!".

I was back to screaming and slapping the table and making weird high-pitched noises that constantly remind me why I shouldn't watch cricket with company. Seriously, I embarass myself, man. I have a throbbing vein in my left temple with all the excitement. But if I die now, let this blog bear witness that I went away happy.

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Bhanoo said...

Now that is something I so don't relate to ! I understand people get excited about "stuff" but must you thump the table and make wierd noises? ....and loud ones at that ? Well must be a man's thing! How unlady-like !