Tuesday, May 26, 2009

There's life after travel...

... trouble is: it sucks. We haven't posted here since returning from South America. We got back with a spring in our stride, a twinkle in our eye, <---insert cliche here---> . Since then the dreariness of the rat race has returned to shroud life. We've been meaning to write about the trip - and we will - but for the moment we shall blame our silence on a combination of a borrowed PS2 and live cricket on free-to-air TV. And LOST. And a little Scrabulous. Anyways, having acknowledged the error of our ways it is time to move on... watch this space...

Currently reading: Emma, Jane Austen. Quite clever; it must have been years ahead of its time because the style still works; but the subject's very chick-flicky which can be a bit of a drag.
Near-term goal in life: To get a full driver's license... course study is on.
Other activities: The grappling with Spanish is, also, still on.
Travel on the horizon: going back to Bombay for Christmas; Melbourne in early August.

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