Sunday, May 11, 2008

The perfect Sunday

... starts with brunch with a friend. The weather is nice and autumny, jackets are not required. You sit outdoors at one of Pyrmont's cafes, there's spent leaves swirling around. The food is great and coffee (flat white, two sugars) is perfect. You walk through Darling Harbour and into the city, catch a bus (with no more than a one minute wait!) to Coogee beach. You're meeting a friend you may not see again for years. You're early but have a book. The people-watching is of the highest quality and there's the open sea for a vista. Your friend arrives and you walk along the cliffs... the pace is leisurely (the walk which has been done in under an hour takes three) as you talk about random things. The view is as breath-taking as ever. It ends with a hazelnut and chocolate strudel at a cafe in Bondi. It's nothing short of sensational!

You get home, draw up a list of chores to be finished and do them in good time. You blog.

I had the perfect Sunday.


fortyfiveminutes said...

I may have been jealous, but we're having some exceptionally good weather here, so my Sunday wasn't too bad either :P Glad to know you're back to the blog.

Laxmi said...

I'm going to miss you in Pyrmont sooo bad , Its unreal !!!

And to top it all , I just started having a fetish for Concrete !!!