Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Giant Wheel - an update

'scuse-please the chronological mish-mash of posts. The return to Sydney has been every bit as hectic as the India trip itself. More on the trip later... I hope.

On our first day in Delhi (26th Dec '07), we ended up an hour and a half early for the Red Fort Sound and Light (or son et lumiere, as the locals insisted on calling it!) show. Not granted entry into the fort, we decided to walk around the market area to see what we could see. And what we saw made me - I'm not afraid to admit it - squeal like a girl! Lo and behold... in our face, jazzy coloured tube lights and all, stood a Giant Wheel! In fact, it was a full blown fair with all the usual suspects (rides) - and then some. I was so excited, I couldn't finish my boti kebab. Errrmm, wait. That's coz it was about as raw as a shoe.

15 bucks for a good swing back through the years. Wheeeeee!

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