Sunday, June 17, 2007

Updates all around...

The last month's been hectic and slightly stressful. I broke out the news about my future plans to the people at work. For the random surfer - cause all 3 of my readers know this already - I'm moving to Australia, Permanent Residency visa in hand, sometime in the middle of July. I put in my resignation a couple of weeks ago and will part ways with Accenture's India Delivery Center after an insanely long (by Indian IT industry standards) 4.5 years. Bleh. There was less drama than I hoped for. My boss didn't throw a tantrum, no tears were shed and no, the absurdly generous counter-offer was not made. Oh well.

So I'm excited about moving. I find myself thinking about it a LOT... partly because I don't have a job yet. I have a couple of firms that I'm talking to and hopefully one of them will come through. My folks are stressed and probably have mental images of me manning some gas station in a suburb of Sydney or something. I keep telling them that that's only my Plan B. But yeah, I'm excited! New big city, being out on my own again, setting up my own place. *smiles*. Leaving Bombay is made a whole lot easier by the fact that a lot of my friends are either not around any more or they have plans to move out. But it's still going to be tough. :(

With typically lousy timing, work has hit a bad patch... one of those 14+ hours a day stretches that invoked snide comments about how I was working harder in my notice period that at any other point in time. So I struggle to divide time between friends and the family at home. The result is guilt anywhichways. *sigh*

But I'm totally loving today. It's a Sunday and I'm just spending the day catching up on email, youtube shit, email, friends' blogs...

And now... The Random Updates Paragraph:
I'm still sufficiently turned off by Indian cricket, but reading about the tour of England coming up I felt a flicker of interest. But only a tiny one. Also turned off by Amitabh in-your-face-ponytail-and-all Bachchan. (This is how sickening it's gotten - I wanted to check on the spelling of Bachchan and instinctively picked up the newspaper over google. I found it on the first page I looked at!). And Sivaji, the latest Rajni flick, has gripped my imagination. My office lunch gang tried to get tickets for the movie at Aurora but got laughed all the way out of Matunga. The Federer-Nadal final was much-awaited and turned out to be pretty diluted. MadCat's gotten knocked up again. I'm craving an external hard disk - 3.5K for an 80 gig. So cheap... but then again, my being jobless is a rather compelling argument against the buy. Also craving an Adidas tee-shirt. I feel a dose of retail therapy coming up. Who all have seen the Happy Dent ad (maharajah's palace setup) and not loved it? Tell us your names so we can lynch you and be at peace.

Sunday lunch awaits. Later.


~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Congrats on the impending move! I know a friend from Kalina that's already down there. You might know him me:

And it's true...people have moved out of Kalina. All my friends are scattered. It's so different when I visit that I can hardly believe this was the same lively place I once called home.

Oh & we have a mutual friend (That's what she says) & that's how I stumbled upon your blog. Very good writing.

Take care. Come on back again!

oook said...

I haven't seen any Happy Dent ad. I'm one of the poor, unwashed masses (literally as there's a water shortage at home) who doesn't own a TV. So there. You upper class toffs might as well come lynch me now. It's what you do anyway...

Dylan said...

@Ms. CP - my guess is we're connected through Mary S! I will email in a bit. Thanks!

@Oook - Liar, you have a TV.

hunedr said...

hey! loved the ad... i don't have a TV either... but don't miss it... everything's online anyways.

heres a link to the ad:
http://video. video/play? vid=219332&fr=yvmtf

btw D... still have to reply to ur email... wish u were coming this way rather than the opposite side of the globe but best of luck... at least i'll have someone to visit if i ever make it there :P

cheers :)