Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A very 'Bombay' moment.

The feline simply named "MadCat" had been driving the residents of Crimson Glory's "B" Block crazy for a good 3-4 weeks. When she wasn't mewing her nipples off, she was stealthily trying to creep into our houses... hiding under our sofas and stealing up for a quick rub against our ankles.
As it turned out, MadCat was well and truly pregnant. She littered somewhere at the start of this month... and all of a sudden there was plenty of pussy to go around. Ok, I just had to make a pussy joke; sorry, I said! Right, so MadCat gave birth to three adorable little kittens one afternoon. Naturally all was forgiven and the wise men from "B" Block came forth with gifts of milk, fish and water-soaked bread. Not quite the nativity scene, but heart-warming in its own way. A rug was spread out, which MadCat - true to form - ignored... choosing to plop right in front of the door to B-8.

The next morning though, the kittens were missing. MadCat was running frantically up and down the staircase, miao-ing away in desperation! Word quickly spread and soon the whole Block was in an uproar!!! Aunty I from B-7 rather guiltily admitted to asking the kachra-waali to keep the kittens near the terrace entrance so that they wouldn't get stepped on. The popular theory was that the crows might have gotten their claws on them! By now, half the residents were mobilised. One of the third floor boys scoured the terrace .. searching even atop the water tanks (go figure!). Another quickly circled the building, peeking into bushes. The Kachra-waali was given the third-degree by a visibly distressed Aunty I. I was hobbling up and down, all dressed up but unwilling to go to work. MadCat got a lot of sympathy (along with more fish); the poor crows got an equal amount of hate. Finally... S.K., in her nightie and bare-foot discovered the babies hidden behind some plates of glass on the terrace!

"B" Block heaved a collective sigh of relief. The day was saved and kittens re-united with crazy-ass mother. With a smile on my face, I went off to work replaying the events of the morning, thinking - How typically middle-class; How typically Bombay.

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