Sunday, October 15, 2006

"What did you get for your birthday?", they ask!

... a blog, I reply. A little apprehensively. When I first started toying with the idea of starting one - my waist 34 trousers still fit, random people I barely knew were *not* giving me the third degree on marriage plans and the Pope seemed like a perfectly reasonable guy. By now the blog bandwagon's so far out it's a friggin' dust cloud in the distance.. but I'm OK with jogging behind it at a respectable distance.

If filling this thing's gonna be half as creatively challenging as deciding on its layout/fonts/templates, I'm - to fondly borrow one of my dad's pet phrases - a gone-case. Try these on for size:
20; the number of hours the IE window was left open before the "Create your blog now" button was clicked.
4; the number of templates that were considered.
8; the number of URL blog names that were rejected because they were already taken.
3; the number of calendar days the whole blog creation process spanned.

I 'xaggerate you not!

Anyways here I am - posting my first post. So to Biogeek, the Tall Indian Woman and the Lady Spider (one of the two people I kinda "blog" to via gmail anyways!)... multiple shukhriyas for saying the right things. Let's see where this goes.

What else did I get for my birthday??? Well, for the first time in my life I got ..... flowers!!!
The flowers came from the local Target but the thought - all the way from India. A big hug for the Shimla Mirchi! But if you think I'm walking home through the streets of downtown Memphis with a bouquet cradled in my arms, you've got another thing coming. I begged Vishal's wife to carry it until I got to the safety of the elevator. :)

Since I wasn't taking pictures, of course there isn't a single good one. So I'll leave you with this one where all I need is a tiara and I could pass for Ms. India-Memphis (yes, that is a real pageant). Damn Flowers!

Dylan - OUT.


Mitali said...

Take a bow Drama King, for we are giving you a standing ovation :D


kate said...

those don't look very much like flowers.....

kate said...

but yay! your blog is up! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice.. Nice.. I too once decided to blog but then as lots of other things left it there and then. :)


Vikster said...

I love the blog!

Welcome Drama King...this drama queen welcomes you!

GreyArea said...

Hey, good to see the blog up! And good to know I've contributed in two different ways to it! :D

And you should write more, this is good!

Nadia said...

I'm only responding because you said something about the thrill of receiving responses to your posts. So there, another for your list of birthday presents (with hopes of erasing the one time there were none- is that too much to ask for …geeeez what a baby!)
I’m also curious about the titles of your page that got rejected cause they were already taken.

Dylan said...

@Mitali - *bows deeply, gets down from stage and gives Miss a bear hug*

@Kate - Like I said, the pics sucked.

@KP - I went and checked out your blog. Resurrect it, na!

@Vik - Coming from you, that's high praise. Thanks.

@Grey - :P and thanks. But this doesn't make *you* less of a Drama King.

@Nadia - Ok, first and foremost.. the ruckus wasn't about you forgetting my gift. You forgot all about my birthday! And I let that stew nicely for 2/3 days before I wished you Happy Birthday, I think. *sigh* Happy memories..

Pallavi said...

the flowers are blurred for a reason or its just a coincidence ... methinks the first applies !!!
got me thinking on the endless possibilities :D

Bhanoo said...

Why do you guys get so worked up about flowers? You want them and then u can't deal with them ! Ah-Men !

Dylan said...

We don't WANT flowers!!! But the thought was really sweet.. thanks! :D